Let’s Be Fear Proof and Healthy

Well folks, these days we all prefer the items which have strong protective layer on them such as waterproof watches, shoes etc. We like them because they are durable in their protective coating. Let’s ponder about the things which are required to make our lives longer and durable. This might sound strange to you yet there are certain protective layers which if we’ve on our minds, will help us in leading to extraordinary and healthy lives
Yes, I mean it. I am talking about fear proof lives. Let’s cast a glance over our daily routine and interestingly, we would come up with innumerable habits and things that make our lives not less than hell. There are certain fears which remain with us constantly and turn out to be hazardous due to their negative side effects.  
We have the following fears:
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of diseases
  • Fear of Natural Disaster
  • Fear of Height
  • Fear of Losing our Jobs
  • Fear of Exposure
  • Fear of losing our family members, friends, or someone special
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Fear of not getting any job
  • Fear of right selection of schools for our children
  • Fear of People (what would people say)

The above list is very long as there are some funny reasons of fear as well. We even take feel feared to see the protagonists in our favorite serial is struggling because of the negative characters or sometimes we get scared to think if our maids or servants take an undeclared leave etc.
So, I would like to draw your attention towards such fears which have their profound negative side effects on our physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Many times we don’t even feel how much stressed out we are due to these petty affairs.
  • So, we have to figure out when are replaying such thoughts constantly. 
  • Let’s make ourselves fear proof because fear makes us more stressed out which ruins the happiness and ease of life. 
  • Let’s take out some time to meditate and exercise daily to get a strong mental and physical health. Let’s stop our negative self-talks which keep babbling about the worst things only. 
  • Let’s have faith in the Almighty as He’s there to stand by us. 
  • Let’s cut out the company of the flaky people as they add to our fear. 
  • Let’s consider this fact that death is the ultimate destination of our lives and no one can escape it. Let’s believe in the right ‘Karma’ as what goes around, comes around.
  • A fear proof life helps us to be healthy, happy and gratified. A happy person only can help our society to be happy and healthy.

Best Wishes!
Mamta Sharma
#MIRA (Mai.ra)



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