Accessories Add Charm to Our Personality

According to Google dictionary, an accessory is a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.
Indeed, they do. A person with simple looks and ordinary clothes gets an extraordinary looks if he or she knows how to select the right kind of accessories.
People love to have a collection of sunglasses, watches, scarves, earrings, bindis (a patch made of plastic, available in different shapes and colours), valets, shoes etc. Accessories have become the inseparable part of our day to day life. Going out with them seems an impossible task and we feel very confident while wearing them.

But in this blog, I’m not talking about the accessories which we use in our day to day life. I wish to focus on something else. I’m talking about the real accessories which we already have and don’t have to purchase them from anywhere else. These accessories are fantastic and add some extra charm to our personality. We need to explore them within us.


Smile is the best accessory which transforms our personalities if we use it while meeting or interacting with others. I have noticed that people use their smile very economically as they feel that smile will present them as weak people. But let me share that this beautiful accessory if used nicely will create wonder in our lives.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is the accessory which is a must while communicating with others. Several people don’t pay much heed to this accessory as they feel it’s not that significant. But we don’t know how offensive our children feel when they find us talking to them with our eyes glued to the screen of T.V. or computer system. Just think when our little ones comprehend its vitality, why don’t we include this accessory in our lives.


Posture refers to a particular position of the body. How many of us value this accessory in our personality. Posture exhibits our attitude. A faulty posture ruins our impression on others. Poor posture such drooping shoulders, the way we sit, stand or walk etc need extra efforts to be corrected.

I know each of us know how vital these accessories are for our successful personal and professional lives but we hardly wish to make changes in our personality as it requires lots of efforts, time and attention.Though there are several other accessories which give an extra value to our personality but today my focus was on the accessories mentioned above. So let’s include them in our day to day life and showcase us in a more presentable and confident way while communicating with others.

Best wishes!
Mamta Sharma
#MIRA (Mai.ra)
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