Emotional Well-Being!

'I'm going to salon.' She said to me hastily! I looked at her and smiled since I didn't have words to respond. She slammed the door on my face and rushed to the salon as she didn't want to get late for her appointment. She is my best friend who hails from a metro city. I really appreciate her sincere efforts that she makes for her own self. She goes extra mile when it comes to her looks and physical well-being. She makes sure that she goes to her beautician twice a month. She hits the gym every single day. She is well familiar with what she should have on her diet chart. Undoubtedly, she's pretty, elegant and seems younger than her actual age.

Hence there's something that bugs me consistently. She's unaware of her emotional health. She hardly has any control over her emotions. She's like a wound up spring when she babbling on and on! She wallows in self-pity as she feels that everyone avoids her. There're two different personalities. She beams with confidence outwardly but I know how hollow she is from inside!

Friends, most of us are extra cautious in terms of our looks and physical fitness but we seem clueless regarding issues pertaining to our emotional control. Several problems such as anger, jealousy, hatred, etc have cropped up making us more more weak and vulnerable.
Let me mention that our emotional well-being is a must to lead to life happiness and satisfaction but the question arises if it is possible. 

YES! It's very much possible! We can acquire an entire emotional health if we are determined to do so. In  order to achieve it, we need to be a little observant of our thoughts. Actually all the complications related to our emotions happen due to our thoughts and negative self-talks.
Once we learn how to catch our thoughts and replace them with the positive ones, this problem can be changed unto a certain extent.

Hence, we'll have to work on two ways:
1. Learn to override your emotions.
2. Train your mind with the help of meditation
This may sound unbelievable to you but friends, these two things if practiced continuously can change the course of our life.

Best Wishes!
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