I wish to FLY,
I wish to soar high and high.
I wish to fathom the height in the sky,
I wish to FLY.

But how? Please go through the blog which will surely make our desire to FLY possible and definite.

Hello folks. today I wish to bring to the table a very significant issue. Before I commence my writing formally, I would like to ask you few questions, “Have you ever fallen in love with someone”?  It’s really great! How many times have you whispered to your girlfriend or boy friend or spouse, ‘I love you sweetheart’? How many times we lie to make others realize that we love our partner. Such as, you look terrific today. (Though we have not even noticed what he or she is wearing today.) So now let me know have you ever told yourself, ‘I love myself’. Does it sound surreal? No? Is it a blunder to exhibit love for our own selves? But let me mention that I’ve borne the brunt of showcasing my enormous love for my ‘self’.

So, today, I am going to elaborate on how pleasant it is to fall in love with our selves.
Last month while having dinner with my big joint family and friends, I had to face much annoyance. Now let me tell you about the blunder which I had made at that moment. We all were discussing about how the pets need to be loved? Then my guests started talking about how stray animals require our care and love. Though I believe in philotherianism (which is love for animals) but I couldn’t prevent myself when I found thing were blown out of proportion.
So, in order to wrap up the discussion, I declared that we should love ourselves first and then others. As soon as I uttered these words, I felt a pin drop silence in the dining hall. All the people started staring at me. What a cold look they all wore on their faces! One of my garrulous guests came to me after some time and reminded me of the statement that I had made during dinner. She said, “Mamta, I didn’t expect for such a petty perception and self-contentedness from you”. Her accusation made me disappointed, despondent and somber. I recalled my statement which was WE SHOULD LOVE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE.’ 

After all the guests left, I kept thinking where I was at fault and why I was misinterpreted. After a contemplation of 2 hours, I found no change in my viewpoint. That small tiff steered me to write my today’s blog that WE SHOULD LOVE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE.’

Now let me share the reasons why I have such an opinion. We’ve several concerns and responsibilities in our lives. We’re so trapped in them that sometimes, it becomes utterly tough for us to prioritize them. But on the basis of my experience, I can say that nothing matters as much as our own ‘selves’.


Health is real wealth but how many of us take proper care of our health. Health leads to happiness , success and a better life. It also affects our relationships with family, work and friends. Health is something which all take for granted and we forget that innumerable people who are in hospitals are praying for this vital requisite. We can take care of our family, society, nation and the world if we’re physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy. Jim Rohn, says, "We can't hire someone to do our push ups." We'll have to take care of our well-being but this doesn't happen. We seem more concerned for our family, friends and pets but when it comes to our health, we take our health granted. We give preference to our work and the insignificant things. We don’t hesitate to medicate ourselves as we wish to have instant relief. We swallow down the medicines for head ache, fever, depression, body ache etc without consulting any doctor. Most interestingly, sometimes, we put our health issues on the back burner for very petty reasons. We must think how many of us are medically insured, or go for a routine check-ups. How many of us consider our health as important as other issues?
Yoga, exercise, sound sleep, ample amount of sleep, diet, to avoid junk food, soda, soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol etc can help us to live a healthy and long life. The most interesting part is that everybody knows but we are particular when it comes to implementing them in our day to day life.


The most popular assertion these days is 'I don't have time.' But let me tell you folks, that we should feel blessed to have lived in the present era. Just sit and introspect how wonderful life we all are leading. Due to scientific inventions, we have sufficient amount of extra time and have an easier life in comparison to our parents and grandparents. But still we seem bothered because of the lack of time.We are unable to take out time for our hobbies or the things we wish to do for very long. I know a number of people who are minting money but they don’t have any vacation plans. Even they don’t prefer to take any offs for a family trip or outing. They give a lame excuse that they are earning and saving for their family but what about their own lives which is ticking away like time.

Age is Just an Increasing Number

We can find grownups babbling about how they want their children to fulfill their dreams as they have lived their life. Should we invest in our hobbies or dreams till we are young? Why can’t grown-ups have the same burning desire for their goals, dreams and visions? Age is just increasing number as it doesn’t have anything to do with our feelings and emotions.

We’re not Kids Anymore

We can hear people around us uttering this dialogue at regular intervals. To have an impulse or motive in our lives gives us a right direction in our lives. So doing whatever we wish to do, visiting the places where we yearn to go, purchasing outfits which we love to wear doesn’t need us to be kids. Yes we’re not kids anymore still we have all rights to satisfy the kids which remains within us till our last breath.

So, let me tell you that FLY stands for First Love Yourself. Let's learn to love ourselves more than anyone else so that we can scatter happiness everywhere. Believe me it’s not selfish to love ourselves or to take care ourselves or to make our happiness a priority. Let's learn to FLY since without this, we will neither be happy, healthy and efficient nor will we able to take care of others.
So, FLY and feel happy and live your life to its full.
Best Wishes! 


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