5 Changes in order to get immediate Confidence!

Friends, let me mention that we should never get scared of change. This is true that we lose several things when a change occurs however we should also not forget that change may lead to a wonderful transformation.
Now let's discuss what kind of changes may transform our life. A positive change can help us to transform our entire life.

  1. If we know who we really are then we never ever look up to others in order to judge our own 'Selves'. So the first change is stop looking to others for their judgement about you.
  2. We often trust others' perception when it comes to assessment of our personality or perception which exhibits our low self-esteem. Hence, believing in us is the second significant change in our behaviour that is also known as 'Self Belief.'
  3. The third very important change is a change in our habits. Actually we are slave to our habits which bring us misery. Therefore, if we are determined to change our habits, we can see us excelling each and every moment.
  4. The real confidence comes when we change our habit of procrastination. We can never ever bring in a positive change in our life unless we change our habit of lingering on. 
  5. Change your posture in order to look confident. If you drag your feet while walking or if you have drooping shoulders, change it instantly.
 At the end, I would like to mention that nothing succeeds like success. Now you know that if you change, things will change. If you become better, your life will become better. Few more changes may help you to feel stronger mentally and emotionally.

  • Meditate regularly.
  • Read books to gain knowledge which will make you confident.
  • Maintain an eye-contact while talking to someone.
  • Smile while talking to others.
  • Behave as if you are successful.
  • Be polite and helpful.
  • Be very selective while picking your friends.
Best Wishes!
Love your 'Self' and keep going!

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