We Vs Others

Hello Folks, how are you all? My today's blog is about if we are truly committed to ourselves. It's very significant to ponder about this thought. After all, this is our life and we, only we...are responsible for it. We must take the responsibility for our lives and actions. Why do we keep looking at others for making certain changes in our lives? Why do we keep blaming others for our failures or problems? Why do we keep thinking about others' ways or techniques to change our lives positively or the other way round? OMG!! Our attitude has made our lives more miserable.

During my training sessions, people's questions bewilder me as they seem to have bothered about others more than their own lives. People ask the questions such as how to deal with the people (others) who irritate them or how to cope with problematic situations which are created by their colleagues (again others) deliberately so on and so forth. Most interestingly, they are damn sure that all the problems in their personal and professional lives exist on account of others since they (others) don't wish them to live peacefully and happily.

So, let's forget about others and their ill intended plans for a while and sit idly. Let's ponder about ourselves only as this is our life and we can't hold others responsible for chaos in our own lives. Since, we are the victims and our beautiful life which has become a total mess belongs to us not to others.

The foremost thing is We Are Responsible for our Own Life!
So, we have to mend our ways.
It's better to work on our ways instead of pointing towards others' drawbacks.
Let's find out some fantastic ways to be happy and cheerful.
Let's rip negativity out of our life.
We are fortunate enough to have receive this gift of human life, let's don't waste it because we don't like others' ways.
Let's live a life which includes health, wealth, pleasures, and happiness. Our mind keeps talking about unpleasant happenings only so it's essential to cut it out completely.

Best Wishes!



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