This Deepawali Let's Enlighten Our Soul!!

The grand festival Deepawali is being celebrated with great zeal and fervor. Deepawali, the festival of lights is celebrated on the Amavasya which means a dark night. Surprisingly the diyas lit in the nook and cranny of the place doesn’t let us notice how dark the night is! How beautiful they seem with twinkling tiny lights! But allow me to state that these diyas emit light till there’s oil left in them. So we keep filling the diyas with oil throughout the night so that the small lights don’t extinguish. Hence we need two vital things: one is oil which is essential to keep the wicks burning and other is our efforts of putting oil in diyas.

Well, we can have the same philosophy in our life too. If we yearn to live a successful life, we require two pivotal elements. One is vigour to achieve success and the other is willingness to take pains to go extra miles. Actually we are not familiar with the enormous strength lying within and thus it often remains unleashed. Due to lack of appropriate efforts, this heavenly gift dies out gradually and unfortunately we don’t discern it.
MIRA (Mai.ra) feels devastated to see people leading to miserable life. The young boys and girls who have enormous potential in them seem distressed and digressed in absence of the optimum utilization of their intrinsic feature and insufficient action. Moreover there’re several other reasons why people are stuck to where they have been since past several years.
So on this Deepawali, let’s introspect how we are doing in our personal and professional life and how we can transform our life within one year.

 Though we all know ‘Change is the law of nature’ yet no change is accepted easily. So if we really wish to change our attitude, level, or life, we’ll have to change ourselves. We might come across people who declare proudly that they don’t like to change themselves. But MIRA (Mai.ra) believes that those who are reluctant to change can’t have an extraordinary life. So it’s significant to understand small changes can eventually lead to big and miraculous result in our life. The change such as getting up early, taking out time to exercise and meditation for half an hour persistently, and eating consciously  (we’ll have to be conscious about what we eat). In order to receive desired result, we must have determination and persistence to practice them daily.

Procrastination leads us Nowhere

Many a time, we are familiar with what’s good and beneficial for us yet we are compelled to not to follow healthy habits because of our habit to procrastinate. We keep giving lame excuses to our ‘selves’ for putting off the things. In the meanwhile, we become habituated to hold the circumstances and people for problems in our life.
So, on this magnificent moment, let’s be determined to change our life miraculously which is very much possible. MIRA (Mai.ra) dares you all to be confident to transform your life by working on inside out. Let’s keep marching on and on with a determination to make our dreams come true.
Wishing you all a Happy, Prosperous, and Wonderful Deepawali ahead!



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