Life is more than Sex and Money!!!

Well, in today’s world, the young generation is laced with innumerable modern technologies. Fortunately, people are in a blissful world where they have access to things which used to be beyond our imagination 60 years ago. So let’s discuss the impact of such a wonderful time on our lives and personalities. Because of the use of modern technologies, we’re blessed with the enormous convenience which has transformed our lives entirely. Despite a drastic transformation in all the walks of life, we are living our lives with long faces. So much dejection and angst is prevailing everywhere. People especially young generation, are in total dilemma as they think that acquiring immense wealth and doing sex is the  real aim of their lives. There’s nothing wrong if one desires to accumulate money or to fulfill the physiological needs but getting mad after these things make us physically and mentally sick.
We can’t deny how significant money is for our survival and it is a cause to distress in the world. So if people toil hard to mint money there’s nothing uncanny. But the problem crops up when people start living for money. I mean, when accumulation of wealth becomes their hobby and they start feeling that the more they earn, the more happiness they’ll gain. In pursuit of acquiring wealth, they neglect their family, friends, and their own ‘selves’ as they feel that they can buy happiness with the money they are acquire.
The immature teens’ misconception pertaining to sexual relation has also changed the eastern scenario entirely. Attraction towards the opposite sex is an obvious phenomenon during teen age but this problem has led to several other physiological and psychological irregularities. My conversation with young boys and girls startles me when they share how depressed they are because of their broken relationships. 20 years back, depression or stress among youth was not common. But now people’s minds have been hijacked by sexual desires hence several affairs and sexual relations without love lead them nowhere. 

So folks, use your brain how much role do these two things play in your lives? If you feel that your minds are slaves to money and sex then just ponder about how to overcome such obsessions. Love your ‘selves’ and don’t let the beautiful moments wash away in depression, stress, and pain because our mind never wishes to be slave of anything. In brief, we should remind us all of Life is more than Sex and Money!!!

Mamta Sharma


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