10 Reasons Why We Should Spend Time with the Elderly People

I still remember how during my childhood days, I used to spend some time with the elderly people of my building. I can’t forget the immense love and affection; they used to scatter over me for a little amount of my time. I used to do their petty works such as cutting their nails, or helping them to bathe or to read out news papers to them.

They had interesting life experiences to share and the more time I would spend with them, the more attached I would feel with them. Though none of them is alive now but they exist in my life in the form of their blessings. I read somewhere that loneliness is a kind of epidemic. In a country like India, this problem has emerged since people started preferring nuclear families. Since people are so occupied in their lives that they don’t have time to spend with their aging parents. The old age home is the consequence of spreading indifference towards our parents.
So, let’s talk about the 10 reasons why we should spend time with the aging people:

 Our time with the aging people helps them to live for a longer span of time.

eThey can help the working fellows to raise their children in a better way.

 Our company removes monotony of their old age lives and makes them positive and optimistic.

Their experience helps us to live our lives more efficiently.

The aging people whether or not they are highly educated, their advice is unique and useful. Hence, we can make our life better with their assistance.

The fact that we all have to grow old along with the time will help us to be empathizing with them. Then only we can undergo that at this point of time, they need proper care and attention of their children.
How can we forget their dedication and investment of their precious amount of time while raising us? Remember the nights when they kept awake so that we could sleep or how hard they tried to make us what we are today. So, let’s gear up as this is our turn now.

Sometimes we don’t like them because of their rigid viewpoints and attitude. But don’t we remember how stubborn we used to be during our childhood! So, it’s our turn to understand our parents’ perceptions.
Our little attention makes them in high spirits and contented and this will surely fill us with immense happiness.
   Our time with them will keep them in the pink of their health.

So, let’s take out some time out of our busy schedule and go for an outing with our parents, or give them some gifts on their birthdays. Let me mention that life is nothing without our family and our aging parents are the integral part of it. So, it is essential to care them as this will instill the same values in our children. Lucky they are who have their parents with them!
Best Wishes!
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